Parenting is… highlighting the current state of equanimity to our kids.

Posted on March 29, 2020

Parenting is… highlighting the current state of equanimity to our kids.

During last week’s grocery run, I noticed that I was picking up brands of foods that I would never have picked before. In fact, with the current state of imbalance in the supply-demand chain caused by the COVID-19 crisis, I’m forced to give up my current “preferences” and simply be grateful for—and pick up—whatever is available on the shelf. Doing that, I’ve discovered something new within myself, an opening up.

This openness has also been experienced by my family! For example, my husband loves Tate’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, which are impossible to find right now. So I picked the only gluten-free chocolate chip brand I found on the shelf last week—Goodie Girl. Normally, there are at least 10 choices on the shelf at any given time, but I’ve only been looking for the Tate’s because it’s “our” brand. Why change something that perfectly fine? Well, we are now all being coerced to make these shifts with our daily staples—rice, beans, meats, milk, and so on. We are taking what is available. Better yet, we are sharing whatever’s available!

My picky children (wonder where they got it from!) are so busy riding the ever-changing waves of our family business that they haven’t even noticed that I’ve replaced brown rice with buckwheat because there is no rice on the shelf! They eat, say thanks, and move on with their day. How wonderful this is for the new brands that normally struggle to get their products into the market, let alone get the exposure on the same shelves as established leading brands. This is unplanned, divine equanimity for sure!

In a task force briefing last weekend, President Trump said that he was proud that Republicans, Democrats, and Liberals were all working together as one nation! Who would’ve thought that at a time (election year) when political differences are the most boldly highlighted, our political leaders are baring their hearts to humanity as a leadership team. As never before, we stand as “one nation, indivisible, with justice for all”—another shining example of equanimity.

The same nations that were imposing a war of economic sanctions on each other six months ago, are now wrapped in the arms of travel bans and holding each other up. They have put aside everything to work together by sharing information, infection control products, and research (to name a few) to uplift and heal our human race. Global equanimity.

Look at our distance-learning model right now! Does it matter which schools our children attend? Private, public, charter, magnet, community colleges, universities? They’re all “homeschooling” right now. Appropriate to their level of academic learning, they’re all using one single, equal medium—digital. Equanimity in learning!

When we embrace equanimity in industries, politics, and learning, we are breaking down old walls and making room for curiosity and creativity. I find myself looking at new grains like teff and new unfamiliar vegetables like cave beans and rappini with a beginning cook’s curiosity: How will this taste? What can I make with this? When I reach out to my network or experts in education to brainstorm on how I can support teachers right now, I’m looking at my professional life with a new lens on how to serve them best. I’m gearing up to launch my Mindful Teachers’ Training courses for free, with no strategy and no plan, because life just blew up my planned April 15 launch!
Every day, I’m feeling free and curious to see how this new sense of openness will play out. This curiosity has birthed new creativity, new ideas, and new ways to serve. I’ve exchanged my heavy plan of “doing” for a liberating no plan of “being.”

We have all grown up tremendously in the past three weeks. We are touching the high consciousness in our interconnectedness and the priceless equity in equanimity. Our collective equanimity is ushering in curiosity and creativity—as individuals, as a community, as a nation. We have to reframe our lives as individuals. We have to reinvent our children’s education system. We have to repair our community’s seams of inequality, which have burst open at this time. We have to reorganize our businesses. We have to reconstruct our economy. We have to rebuild our nation!

I have faith that we will do this with the foundational air of connectedness and equanimity that we are all breathing right now. I’m glad that we will be changed forever. I’m excited and proud that our children will be a product of this huge capacity of human potential! Our feelings of interconnectedness and equality are no longer traits that we have to develop. They are now precepts that we are living by.