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Press The Reset Button On Poor Communication With Our Kids with Roma Khetarpal

Roma talks with Tejal Patel on her The Time-In Talks Podcast.

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Roma Khetarpal discussed The “Perfect” Parent with Shirin Yadegar from Moms Matter

Roma Khetarpal at the Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference

Roma Khetarpal on the Cat & Kaehler Podcast

Roma Khetarpal – Positive Parenting Conference

Hear from all the experts at the Positive Parenting Conference.

Roma Khetarpal shares her views on the Las Vegas shooting on KHTS Radio

Parenting Tips for the Digital Age – Roma Khetarpal Talks to Josh Ochs

Roma Khetarpal with Dr. Nelly Zahiri on MomTalk LA: Mindful Parenting, Empathy and Cultivating Character

Connections: Conversations with Parenting Experts at the Beverly Hills Public Library

BHTW Connections: Conversations with Parenting Experts at the Beverly Hills Public Library from Beverly Hills Television on Vimeo.

Warrior Moms Luncheon

Roma Khetarpal and Christine Carter on MomTalk LA

Roma Khetarpal and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. talk with Dr. Nelly Zahiri on MomTalk LA

Roma Khetarpal with Jill Simonian and Jennie O’Hagan on Fab Mom on CBS LA

CBS Los Angeles – Family Holiday Challenge: Disconnecting… | Facebook

Roma Khetarpal on MomTalk LA with Dr. Nelly Zahiri

Living with Intent – on MomTalk LA with Mallika Chopra

The Importance of Self-Care in Motherhood – on MomTalk LA with Suzi Lula

Power of Perception Podcast with Scott Golden

Atomic Moms Podcast with Ellie Knaus



MomTalk LA with Dr. Nelly Farhoody-Zahiri

Santa Clarita Library

Perfect Parent Book Video

Celebration of Local Authors Interview

An Example of “Mindful Parenting”

What Does the Word “Mindful” Mean?

Slowing Down and Enjoying the Moment

SCV-TV in Santa Clarita, CA

Alex Urbina’s Life Leadership

Vibrant Living Show


Chat with Women Radio Show

Conscious Talk Radio – Seattle, WA

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Mr – Finding Your Inner Parenting Perfection

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Big Blend Radio Show

Kids Count Radio Show

Mr. Dad’s Positive Parenting Radio

Listen to Roma Khetarpal discuss her new book The “Perfect” Parent on Mr. Dad’s Positive Parenting Radio.

Dr. Polucki Family Health Hour

Monday, July 21st from 11-12pm