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Saugus Union School District Holds Mindfulness Training For Paraeducators 

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Ask an expert: Your childhood development questions answered

Special Ed Connection®

November 6, 2018 edition: Social-emotional learning practices to use with students on the bus

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Why is kissing children on the lips still so controversial? Parents weigh in
Written by Arti Patel


Graduation Post: Financial Planning Advice Parents Can Offer Adult Children
Written by Farnoosh Torabi

L.A. Parent – Positive Parenting: Experts Answer Your Questions for Early Childhood

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City of Beverly Hills Press Release


I want to again express my appreciation for your time and expertise in tonight’s program. Your comments were insightful and no doubt helpful to the community of parents who attended.
– Elena Epstein, Director of Content and Strategic Partnerships, L.A. Parent Magazine

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

The Signal covers the Mindful Play Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Program, focusing on Saugus Union School District campus supervisors who received strategies for communicating with students.
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L.A. Parent

“As a campus supervisor, Lisa Storaker is on the front lines of helping children navigate the social and emotional learning that takes place daily on school playgrounds. This time away from the structured classroom environment is crucial for developing critical life skills such teamwork, friendship, communication and conflict resolution.”
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A day crammed with too much to do. Kids who wail that you don’t understand them. A blizzard of bad words. As parents we all face day to-day challenges with our kids.
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Positive Parenting Connection

Morning tantrums, power struggles, bad behavior, homework not turned in, sibling fights, bedtime negotiations…does it ever end? Welcome to parenting, day in day out! How can I possibly stay positive and tuned in through all of this? is a question that parents ask me all the time.
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The Signal Newspaper, Santa Clarita, CA

When I look back at the chain of events that lead to my book, I’m reminded of the famous truth — there are no accidents.
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Dealing with failure is difficult for all of us, but as parents, we often find it even harder to watch kids struggle with it. During classes in Happy, Relaxed Parenting and at book signings for The “Perfect” Parent, I’m often asked some important questions about helping children understand and deal with failure.
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In the cultural urgency of keeping our kids busy and thereby enrolling them in every ‘in’ activity and sport, how many of us parents actually stop to observe what our kids are really good at? How can we uncover our children’s passions?
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