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Author Roma Khetarpal opens The “Perfect” Parent with the premise that ALL of us parents are perfect—”we are our own children’s ‘perfect’ parents.” She goes on to point out that all of us want our kids to be happy and I agree.
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Stroller Adventures

As a parent, I personally ask myself the same question each and every day:
Am I the perfect parent?
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Carpool Goddess

Many parents today worry if they’re not doing a good job parenting, or worse, doing it all perfectly, their kids won’t turn out happy or well.
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Confessions of the Perfect Mom

WOW!! After reading it, was my reaction. For a little background, I am a researcher. I love reading and researching and basically devouring every book on any given topic.
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“LOVED this book! It has simple yet effective ways to improve your parenting, regardless of your parenting style. By far the best parenting book that I have read to date.” – Kat Ryan, Mommy blogger
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Create With Mom

Being a parent is a blessing for both my husband and I. We did fear about how good we will be at “parenting” since our children didn’t come with manuals.
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Dad of Divas

If you’re a parent today, you face extreme pressure to get everything exactly ”right”–a pursuit of perfection that probably makes parenting feel hard.
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This Talk Ain’t Cheap

I can’t tell you the number of parenting books I’ve read over the years, but this one is truly different. It doesn’t tell you HOW to parent.
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Nova Frugal Family

I am not sure how I ended up with this book from the library but it has a new sticker on it so I either grabbed it off the new shelf or reserved it from the new books section.  Either way, I am glad that I got The ”Perfect” Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect with Your Kids by Roma Khetarpal because there are so many useful tips in this book.
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