…yes, it’s possible!

Mindful Communication. Emotional intelligence. Connection. Trust.

This online course is mindfully created using the tools shared in the award-winning book The “Perfect” Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect With Your Kids.

Walk away with a strong perspective on your true role and responsibility as a parent as well as tangible tools of mindful communication and emotional intelligence that will help you be a happy, relaxed parent and raise your kids to be happy, think positive and do good!

This class includes both level 1 AND 2 in the Mindful Parenting Courses. You will learn all 5 tools of mindful communication that will help you take a communication breakdown to a communication breakthrough – building connection and a lasting strong relationship with your kids.

The Tools

Tool 1: Honorable Parenting
Tool 2: Approachable Parenting
Tool 3: Sensible Parenting
Tool 4: Reasonable and Responsible Parenting
Tool 5: Enjoyable and Memorable Parenting

* Bonus Mindfulness Exercise!

You will receive over 3 hours of video lessons and a downloadable toolbox pdf that will change the way you look at parenting. Take the next step!


Roma gave an amazing perspective and a new outlook on parenting. The tools she shares are practical and I immediately began to see a change in myself and my kids.
Ashley Harris

Roma is an incredible and passionate person who has taught us so many tools in parenting and personal relationships to work on in a positive way. There is no amount of money that could have given me these tools. I’m more aware of being a present parent and loving in my home. Every parent should take a class on parenting because of the benefits.
Meredith Sanford

Reflective, thoughtful, practical and purposeful. Mindful parenting workshop has been
the best use of time. Thanks!

Antoinne Harris


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