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Mindful Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Program for Teachers, Administrators, Recess Staff, Before/After School Staff, Bus Drivers, and Paraeducators

Bringing science-supported tools of mindful communication, emotional intelligence, and social-emotional learning to our schools, the Mindful Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Program is a customized workshop designed to empower, teach, support, and equip Teachers, Administrators, Recess Staff, Before/After School Staff, Bus Drivers, and Paraeducators with mindful communication and emotional management skills.

Supporting the LCAP accountability plan, this program is designed to align with every school’s goals to…

  1. Positively enhance the relationship and thereby the experience of both teachers, administrators, recess staff, before/after school staff, bus drivers, and children, individually and collectively.
  2. Provide staff with tools to enhance mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL).

The outcomes…image4

  1. Successfully minimize the number of concerns from children, parents, and school staff.
  2. Minimize the time spent by faculty and administrators in managing issues that arise during lunch, play, and recess time, increasing the time value of money for the school and district.

The way we talk, interact, and manage emotions is critical to a child’s academic and life success. Aligning with her purpose and passion to raise kids to be happy, think positive, and do good, Roma Khetarpal extracts the cutting-edge, science-supported, mindful communication, and emotional intelligence tools for this program from her award-winning book, The “Perfect” Parent.

This program kicked off with great success in the Saugus Union School District (SUSD) and the Newhall School District (NSD) in Santa Clarita, California. Roma guides the attendees through her 5 steps and interactively looks at the most common school issues and how to use mindful communication and emotional intelligence to solve them.

At the end of each interactive session, staff are fully supported with the following takeaways…

  1. TOG Mindful Play Leader Toolbox
  2. Badges with mini toolboxes for easy daily reference
  3. TOG completion certificate

Program Optionsimage4

  • 4-session program (3 1/2 hours each) – this is our most comprehensive program and will go through all the Tools of Growth.
  • The comprehensive program can be tailored to meet a 5-session, 3-session, or 2-session requirement.
  • A 1-session educators’ program is also available.

Each program is customized to your school’s specific needs. Please contact us to find out more information and to discuss having Roma lead a workshop for your district or individual school.


“Thank you for an amazing program designed to meet the needs of our campus supervisors. It’s a challenging job and your respect for them and the work they do I know helps to improve their skills and inspire them to work with each and every child.” — Dr. Joan Lucid, Superintendent, Saugus Union School District


Roma Khetarpal with Dr. Joan Lucid, Superintendent of Saugus School District and Rose Villanueva, Coordinator, Child Development Programs

“It was my pleasure to be a part of the Tools of Growth program. I appreciate and value this great opportunity as we continue to ensure all students receive the most effective support throughout their elementary years.” — Isa De Armas, Director, Curriculum & Instruction Saugus Union School District

“I received excellent tools to use not only in my daily work at school but also at home with my family (thank you!).” – Workshop Attendee

“I valued Roma’s way of teaching, and how good it makes me feel to use these tools.” – Workshop Attendee

“It would be nice if this kind of training will continue.” – Workshop Attendee

 “Roma is an amazing speaker. Enjoyed the “tools” program.”- Workshop Attendee

 “I received great reminders on how to positively support children. It helps to know that what we do on a daily basis is validated.”  – Workshop Attendee

 “I feel I took away so much more… to use at work and at home.” – Workshop Attendee

Press Release

SUSD Recommendation Letter

Santa Clarita Valley Signal Newspaper

L.A. Parent Magazine

Mindful Teacher Training Teach to Reach Program

image3The goal of the Mindful Teacher Training Teach to Reach Program is to provide teachers with tools to enhance mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL) through education, empowerment, and motivation. This program is designed to help build positive communication habits and relationships between teachers and children, therefore enhancing the children’s ability to flourish in and out of the classroom. Not only will the number of concerns from children, parents, and teachers be minimized after completion of the Teach to Reach program, so will the time spent by teachers and administrators in managing issues, therefore increasing the time value of money for the institution.


“Roma is simply exceptional and one of a kind! I feel very blessed to have come to know her. Her passion is to help our community and to assist families. Roma’s workshop for our school’s parents was very inspiring, and eye opening. Her book, The “Perfect” Parent, is a must read! We were even more inspired when Roma taught the Mindful Teacher Training workshop to our teachers and administrators from both our school locations. It helped bring out the best in our teachers and reminded us all what our main purpose as educators are!” — Mrs. Nelioufer Jayawardana (Nel), Head of Schools, St. Mary’s Montessori

“The Mindful Teacher Training helped me guide the children to deal with their feelings in a positive manner; first by helping them to identify their feelings, secondly acknowledging the feeling that they experience, and thirdly validating it. It was a very educative workshop which helped us.” — Ms. Minoli, St. Mary’s Montessori

“As a teacher and also a parent, I found the Mindful Teacher Training very informative and effective. Roma opens up a new doorway to reach and connect with your students .She discussed how we can balance our thoughts and feelings and how we can honor a little child and help him grow into a happy, confident, and secure human being.” — Ms. Farnaz, St. Mary’s Montessori

“I thought the teachers’ workshop was a good experience. There were a lot of good suggestions about keeping a positive attitude.” — Ms. Annette, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma was an excellent guest speaker. I loved how she used her own life experiences to help give us a better understanding of things. She helped me build positive connections and relationships with the kids, as well as providing me with more tools to be more mindful with the children.” — Ms. Claudia, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma’s workshop was a wonderful learning experience—both insightful and relatable.…She used various examples that were current and realistic. We had a workshop with a room full of teachers, yet what we learned were lessons we are able to utilize as a parent, teacher, guardian, and friend.” — Ms. Justine, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma Khetarpal’s workshop was a wonderful reminder and reinforcement of why I love and value working with children. One of the biggest takeaways from her workshop was creating a balance between thoughts, feelings, and expressions. Her breakdown of dealing with the feeling has helped me immensely when it comes to working with children, parents, and peers. Mostly, I enjoyed her message about how the role of a mindful teacher is to help children grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. I believe I have become a better teacher, leader, and friend by taking Roma’s workshop.” — Ms. Christine, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma gave an amazing workshop. She gave me a better understanding about connecting and interacting with my students. She was accommodating as a speaker, and I would I recommend any teacher or parent to take her workshop and read her book, The ‘Perfect’ Parent.” — Kellene B, St. Mary’s Montessori

“I really enjoyed Roma’s workshop. Her tips about rewording the way we ask the child questions has been a huge help in having my kids work on their communication and the way I engage with my kids. It has also helped in the way I communicate with the assistants in my classroom. Overall I felt this workshop has benefited me in the classroom daily.” — Ms. Katie, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma’s seminar was fresh and eye opening. Her ideas brought new perspective on how a teacher and a child should interact. Her ideas left an everlasting impression. Thank you.” — Ms.Chas, Ms.Savi, and Ms. Amanda, St. Mary’s Montessori


Additional Mindful Play Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Testimonials

“I received so much more than I thought. I learned how to utilize tools that I already do in such a way that maybe now I can reach a wider range of children.” – Workshop Attendee

“I absolutely love everything about this training. Not only did we need this training to use for the children but I feel that adults also needed to hear this so they can apply it on a daily basis with everyone.” – Workshop Attendee

“Wonderful information that you shared. Great tools for us to be reminded to take a pause and then respond. Best workshop I have gone too in a long time. – Workshop Attendee

” A reminder that taking the time to validate feelings and being the trusting adult is what will build positive reactions of children. The scenarios helped rethink what we say and how we approach the children and what an impact what we say makes.” – Workshop Attendee

“I valued how passionate Roma was about the subject and that gave me confidence in the techniques I learned.” – Workshop Attendee

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