Parenting is… talking to our kids about the power of our interconnectedness.

Posted on March 22, 2020

Parenting is… talking to our kids about the power of our interconnectedness.

    The previously intangible idea that we are all connected as a human race just got real. With the mounting uncertainty of when we will go back to “normal,” the anxiety, stress, and fear grows and grows and grows. We are confused, scrounging for answers. One moment we are turning to the news to stay updated, the next we are turning away because it’s just too much to take in. However, even with the discomfort of our overturned schedules and in spite of cabin fever, we are all finding comfort and safety in this one thing: our interconnectedness.

This once intangible, vague concept—sometimes categorized as a “spiritual” term or included in the teachings of Eastern philosophy—has moved front and center in our lives over the last two short weeks. We are grocery shopping for each other, checking in daily with our elderly parents (or have moved them into our homes), and reaching out to our family and friends worldwide to make sure everyone is safe. We are offering unconditional support to neighbors and on social media, and although we are “social distancing” ourselves physically, it’s as though we have never held hands tighter.

COVID-19 has proved to unite us globally in many ways—as nations, communities, neighbors, and families. We are all experiencing in real time what “connection” feels like. We are not ashamed of or shy about expressing our interdependency. Rather, we are embracing it because we are all under the power of this beyond-body link.

Like nature, our connectedness is a constant. It is akin to the sunshine, the blue sky, and the green trees that bring us peace and comfort. Connectedness is not merely a concept anymore; it is in the reality of our experience. Yes, amid this chaos, it is clear we are not alone; we are in this together. And although while we cannot hold hands for now, we are holding each other’s hearts. We are making history with our connectedness.

Can we promise to preserve this forever with our very lives? Can we pledge to consider this our new norm? Can we protect it as we protect our children? Can we ensure that we will talk about this connectedness with our children now and share this with our grandchildren and great-grandchildren? I do. It is as clear as the rising of the day and falling of the night that I am one with you.