Parent Testimonials

AMAZING!!! So many tools to use going forward that hit home.
– Tom D.

My husband and I attended one of Roma’s workshops on The “Perfect” Parent with very open hearts and minds. We are a month out of the class and we are still overjoyed with the positive changes her 5 steps made in our relationships with not only our children but with each other. In the last month I have spoke of this amazing experience to anyone who will listen. I have bought the book and mailed it to friends. I am a believer and I know that my husband and I are the “perfect” parents for our boys. Thank you Roma!!!
– Jeanna C.

Roma is absolutely amazing. We were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks with her. She really did amazing things for our family. Her words of wisdom were always explained to us in a loving and calming manner. I highly recommend.
– Jenn and Pete W.

Roma gave us an amazing perspective and a new outlook on parenting. The tools she shares are practical and I immediately began to see a change in myself and my kids.
– Ashley H.

Tools of Growth with Roma was just what I needed. I have two boys, ages nine and six. The oldest has ADHD, and the younger one does not. I had been having challenges that were only getting worse, not better. I realized my older son was not wanting to open up to me, getting angry with me and wanting to stay away. It broke my heart. I realized I needed to make changes in me. I was searching everywhere, and someone referred me to Roma…one of the best calls I made. I feel like my perspective has changed. I feel happier around my children, and I don’t feel like my oldest is pulling away anymore. I was always finding tools for him, but what she taught me works with the whole family. Thank you for sharing your experiences, challenges, and Tools of Growth.
— Cheryl B.

We can’t thank you enough for your incredible words and guidance. You made a difference in our understanding of what effective parenting really is. Thank you so much.
— Mark C.

These classes have helped me relax. I realize that when my attitude and demeanor are calm, I receive a positive response as a result. I used to get so worked up from situations with my kids; however I have noticed that they feed off of my energy, and that being a more relaxed parent makes my life, their life, and my husband’s life better.
— Kavita V.

I generally think my family life is a 9+ out of 10 but, as I’ve matured, I’ve realized that I occasionally need to step back and assess my parenting style. The Happy Relaxed Parenting program is a forum that enables me to do that. By discussing my real-world experiences (and those of the other participating parents) in the class setting, I was able to become a more objective witness to how my wife and I are raising our daughters, specifically when the legacy of my own sometimes frustrated and impatient father channels through me. Roma allowed everyone to participate to their individual comfort level, but by the end of the program I felt like we were all surrogate parents for each other’s kids! A very pleasant and rewarding exercise in bettering myself and, hopefully, my daughters.
— Wes P.

Roma Kheterpal’s Tools of Growth workshop not only inspired me to strive to be a better parent but gave me methods I can use in every interaction with my kids. Once I understood the importance of building emotional intelligence in my children (and myself!) I could focus on “dealing with the feeling” rather than just reacting. I now can use “hot” situations with my kids (and husband!) as a way to focus on solutions in a way where everyone’s feelings are valid and explored. I also strive to make every interaction with my kids one of loving expression. I will keep practicing to put meaning into words I want to use, and recognize opportunities to foster feelings of love and support. Thank you, Roma, for the gift of providing tools that enhance my family, help us all grow, and will get passed down to future generations as well!
— Annette N.

Roma Khetarpal is a truly inspiring educator. Her classes have taught me essential parenting tools that have helped me become a calmer and happier parent to my three children. Thanks you, Roma!
 — Kamila B.

Thank you, Roma, for your help. You are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. Your classes have made my life a lot easier and happier. They have helped me relax and made me realize that life is really beautiful and that I am very blessed to have you as a friend (guru) in my life.
— Poonam K.

Thank you for time you spent helping my husband and I learn techniques to “parent honorably.” The harmony and satisfaction I feel within my home is amazing. Helping us to understand that parenting does not have to be such a “black and white” standard has been freeing. Coming from a father who was raised in the military, and then served in the military, left me with a very strict example of parenting. While it makes sense to have clear rules, I was failing to realize that parenting in such a strict manner would not help me achieve my most important goal: raising independent critical thinkers and problem solvers.
We all want the best for our children, and now I have a new “best” to be.
— Julie C.

So far, the Happy Relaxed Parenting lessons have been simple and have made a lot of sense. They have also been really easy (for the most part) to apply to my life. Two things have really stood out: (1) when you’re happy, you learn better, and (2) try to relate things to what your child (and husband) really wants, which is to relax, play, and have fun. Thanks so much, Roma, for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience.
— Elizabeth E.

Thank you, Roma, for taking the time every month to help us become happy, relaxed parents! These classes have helped me to really listen and to think feelingly before I communicate. This has helped me at home and in life in general. Although Saira is very young, she feeds off of whatever mood I am in, so I try to remain as positive as possible!
— Jaya D.

Roma, it’s been an honor to be a part of your classes. I use the information I learn in my personal life as well as my professional life. I often will repeat a lesson or a phrase that I learned from you and pass it on to the other nurses who take my class.
Thanks a million for teaching us how to be mindful of our words, our tone, and our body language. I will continue to aspire to be the best parent I can be.
— Gina R.

What I love about your teachings is that it’s on a level that anyone can understand. I have learned so much just from our discussions as a group. Kudos to you and your team for all the compassion, dedication, and passion in making our children’s world a better place, one insight at a time. I am looking forward to the next year and all of us growing, sharing, and evolving together.
— Sharmila M.

You have helped me realize that I have so much parental potential to be the best parent I can be. I truly want to connect with my daughters in a way where they can feel I am always “approachable.” I did not have that with my mom and have been secretly fearful that would be the same fate for my girls. Before you came into the equation, I felt I was somewhat on track with developing and maintaining this type of relationship with my girls. I knew there was something missing and there was more I could do but didn’t know how to get there. Now I know! After class yesterday, I came home and discussed our class content with my husband, Dave. He was totally engaged with what I had to say. Wow!! I watched my words and tone so carefully yesterday when I helped Alyssa with her math homework. You would have been proud. It was the best math homework session ever.
— Tina L.

This six-week course has made me so much more conscious and mindful of the words that come out of my mouth.
— Crystal L.

I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Roma’s Tools of Growth. Since being introduced to her work, my relationship with my two young sons has dramatically changed from regular frustration and those all-too-often outbursts that leave me feeling guilty, confused, and angry at myself to loving and calm communication. One of the greatest shifts that occurred for me was gaining the awareness that my ultimate desire in parenting my sons was to achieve lifelong intimacy and trust—that closeness that lets them know deep in their soul that they are accepted and understood and that I would be someone to give them a sense of belonging always. Roma provided the tools that helped me align my thoughts and words with that desire. Since Tools of Growth, my oldest son began to hug me more and more and would say, “I love you, Mommy” for no apparent reason. My youngest son is less frustrated, and we enjoy our time together more now than before. And for those moments when I see red, Roma has provided some quick and easy tips to calm myself, collect my senses, realign my behavior with my intention, and proceed with a different approach. I have stacks of parenting books and CD’s in my library, but I’ll reap the dividends of Tools of Growth for a lifetime.
— Catherine S.

Roma has a way of breaking down parenting challenges into truly basic concepts that are easy to identify and provides simple tools that have helped me turn difficult moments into connection moments with my child. I feel like I can read him so much better now and I see him opening up so much more.
— Lacie R.

I came in just wanting to fix a problem I thought my kids were having. But what I got was how to be a better person for them and be able to guide my children with any problem based on how I react to the situation. Thank you and I look forward to the future with my family.
— Steve H.

The workshop was extremely beneficial to me as a parent. The whole concept of me being the “perfect” parent for my child touches my soul. It has shifted my thinking that my child is here to help me grow into the best being possible. I’m looking forward to using and practicing the 5 tools
— Kelly R.

I started using the Dealing with the Feeling with my son when he made a tantrum. I started to notice how it reduced the length of the tantrum and its outcome. I learned to check my own emotions first and then help my son through his emotions. I also learned that not every tantrum deserves a consequence. By the simple act of talking about it and apologizing, we both gelt better. Thank you.
— Martha S.

I am so grateful for the work Roma puts out in the world, especially recognising her passion for mindful parenting. Thank you, Roma, for all of your tools but also reminding us of values that truly matter.
— Daniela K.

The workshop was extremely beneficial. It truly connected the book and its ideas. The sessions helped me clarify my experiences and what I had read. The connections have been made. Now I need to continue my journey with more tools to draw upon.
— Claudia G.

I attended a presentation on this workshop with the attitude of “I don’t think there is much I can learn. I am a pretty good parent.” But I was fortunate enough to go in with an open mind. And I learned a lot. This workshop helped me take a really good look at myself and my interactions with my kids. It wasn’t always pleasant to realize how I had failed/could improve in some areas. But I value the knowledge I gained and my relationship with my girls, while already good, has gotten so much better. Thank you for these simple yet highly effective tools.
— Monica B.

Roma is an incredible and passionate person who has taught us so many tools in parenting and personal relationships to work on in a positive way. There is no amount of money that could have given me these tools. I’m more aware of being a present parent and loving in my home. Every parent should take a class on parenting because of the benefits.
— Meredith D.



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