Corporate Speaking

Mindful Parenting Workshop for Businesses and Community Groups

An engaging and empowering program to…

  • Enhance work-life balance
  • Bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence into the workplace
  • Strengthen interoffice communications, relationships, and productivity
  • Nurture company culture
  • Build your bottom line

Parents today are under extreme pressure to get everything “right” when they’re interacting with their kids. Every day they’re faced with all-too-common concerns: My son won’t do his homework. My daughter doesn’t listen to me. My teenager argues all the time.

Daily challenges like these often lead to overwhelming feelings of doubt, fear, and guilt. And those emotions are hardly left at home when parents come into the office. Worried, stressed-out parents don’t make productive, effective employees. And that has a direct effect on the profits of your business.

But science-supported tools of mindful communication and emotional intelligence can not only help your employees overcome these challenges but also contribute to stronger communication with their children and in every facet of their work life.

Roma Khetarpal’s Mindful Parenting Workshop is a one-hour program that provides parents with specific tools to enhance mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL) and leaves them with a printed “toolbox” for future reference.

The result? More confident, relaxed, and tuned-in parents who can more effectively add to your firm’s bottom line.

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