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Mindful Play Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Program for Junior Lifeguard Instructors and Camp Counselors

Bringing science-supported tools of Mindful Communication and Emotional Intelligence to your programs and camps, the Mindful Play Leaders’ Lead to Succeed Program is a customized workshop designed to empower, teach, support, and equip Junior Lifeguard Instructors and Camp Counselors. The way we talk, interact, and manage emotions is critical to a child’s growth, learning, and life success. Aligning with her purpose and passion to raise kids to be happy, think positive, and do good, Roma Khetarpal extracts the cutting-edge science-supported, mindful communication, and emotional intelligence tools for this program from her award-winning book, The “Perfect” Parent.

This program is designed to align with the following goals:

  1. Positively enhance the relationships among—and the experience of—Camp Counselors, Junior Lifeguard Instructors, Program Coordinators and children, individually and collectively.
  2. Provide staff with tools to enhance mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL).

The outcomes…

  1. Successfully minimize the number of concerns from children, parents, and staff.
  2. Minimize the time spent by faculty and administrators in managing issues that arise during instruction time, lunch, and play time, increasing the time value of money.

The program covers …

• In depth training on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Mindful Communication

• Perspective and education on the research behind outdoor activities and children’s self-confidence and the importance of play

• Hands-on tools customized to resolve the challenges Program Directors face with staff and the children they lead

• Worksheets (interactive and individual) with real-life issues facing Junior Lifeguard Instructors and Camp Counselors

• A Tool of Growth Toolkit that includes the worksheets and a complete take-home toolbox

This program kicked off with great success in the Saugus Union School District (SUSD) and the Newhall School District (NSD) in Santa Clarita, California with Administrators, Recess Staff, and Before & After School Staff and is now in demand by Summer Camp Directors and Lifeguard Program Directors. Roma guides the attendees through her 5 steps and interactively looks at the most challenging camp issues and how to use mindful communication and emotional intelligence to solve them.


  • 3-4 hour Session (with a 15 minute break)
  • A pre-program data mining session
“My wife and I have two amazing daughters, ages 3 and 7. While taking Roma’s parenting workshop, I realized it would be great for my staff of junior lifeguard instructors to have some tools in their pocket that they could use when working with the junior guards. Our program has always relied on quick and easy discipline—physical activities like push-ups and running—when trouble arises, and I never thought that was best for the program or our JGs. Bringing Roma in to teach my staff about emotional intelligence and communication tools to use with children in today’s world has been a great process. It was awesome to know that the instructors were putting themselves out there and transforming themselves into even better instructors.
Roma has been open to finding out what we do as instructors and to find out how her tools could best be applied to the program. She has been there every step of the way and is a great friend that I can call anytime for help.” 
“Be Kind when you are right!” —Roma Khetarpal
Steve Himes 
Sr. Lake Lifeguard and Jr. Lifeguard Program Director 
Castaic Lake Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation

Please contact us to find out more information and to discuss having Roma bring this workshop to your area. Email roma@toolsofgrowth.com or team@toolsofgrowth.com.

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