The Purposeful Parent Toybox & Mindfulness Meditation Monday

Posted on November 20, 2020

The Purposeful Parent Toybox

Our children’s minds were designed to learn, explore, discover, and create!  Children are hard-wired to test ideas, find answers, and try things over and over again to find a solution that works.  They crave opportunities where they can let their growing minds run wild!  HOW can we capitalize on this and provide them with toys and products for the holidays to nurture this hard-wired curiosity?

Join Kristin Bednarz and I, along with leading developmental toy companies, in this FREE online series, The Purposeful Parent Toybox to learn about toys and products that will optimize your children’s overall development!

In addition to these high-quality toys, we are also featuring companies that provide gifts to enhance family bonding and gifts to nurture mindfulness/emotional intelligence!  As an added bonus, many of the companies are offering discount codes exclusively for this series!


Here’s what you’ll get out of this series:

  • Gain powerful insight from LEADING EXPERTS on the BEST toys and products you can provide for your children to optimize their overall growth and development
  • Gain access to EXCLUSIVE discount codes provided by many of these companies
  • Understand the benefits of having open-ended toys/products in your home, and how to find the best ones
  • Build a collection of toys that will engage your children for YEARS to come rather than toys that they lose interest in before the battery dies.

Here’s the deal, though: we both know how busy life can get when you have children running around, so make sure to register NOW while you have the time! Trust me…you don’t want to miss this opportunity!!!

Sneak peak: Here’s a clip from my talk with Kristin.
I will be featured on November 29th!

Mindfulness. Meditation. Monday

I’m almost done with my final assignment for my UCLA MARC Trained Mindfulness Facilitator program! After such a busy week of catching up with lectures, professors and peers, I’m ready to wind down and meditate with you. I want each of you to know that sitting with you is the highlight of my week.

Last week’s Abundance, Responsibility and Silence practice with you really nurtured my heart. I do hope your practice of spotting abundance, stepping up to responsibility or turning to stillness or silence was helpful in lifting up your own spirits and serving those of others. Your real life shares always touch my heart and inspire me to keep leaning into learning deeper and deeper.

On Monday, we’ll do a special practice for our children — your own or the one’s in your family or friends’ network. It’s been a rough ride for our children and they need our high vibes. If each one of you is present, imagine the uplifting, ripple effect we can send to our children!

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