Post Inauguration

Posted on January 24, 2021

Post Inauguration

Are things on the upturn in 2021? It seems so. At least where our nation’s leadership is concerned. After years of escalating political unrest, we seem to have taken a healing turn with the new presidency and vice presidency, in particular. As a nation, we can undoubtedly be grateful that the inauguration was uneventful and unaccompanied by the chaos that took us by surprise in the attack at the Capitol just a few weeks earlier.

However, many of us have huffed, puffed, and cursed the former president for several years. Where does all the angst that he caused us now reside? It’s in our minds and bodies, right? If our brains and bodies have the capability to store and recall pleasant and unpleasant experiences, it means that the challenging, uncomfortable disgust arising from the last four years is stored somewhere within us. Those emotions will get pushed further deep inside as we move past the Trump-era.

So how do we detox? How can we cleanse the wound and heal our hearts before we move on? That will be the topic of conversation in my upcoming weekly Mindfulness Meditation Monday. I’ll share with you a very personal experience that became a driving healing force in my own life and how I now apply it to every big challenge I face. Together, we will build a strong and mindful perspective as we explore in meditation where our past heavy experiences live in our body and how we can release them.

If you were or are a supporter of the former president, I respect and honor that. I promise that you will still walk away with an invaluable tool that you can apply to any uncomfortable past experience that you wish to heal and release from the memory of your mind and body.

Please join me this Monday, Jan 25th, from 8-8:30 pm, for a mindfulness perspective and practice on setting a healing intention for the future.

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Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Roma Khetarpal