Parenting is… the art of learning about life from your children.

Posted on January 8, 2020

I was chatting with my daughter the other day about letting go, and she talked about some advice that she was giving a friend on the same subject. As we went on to share personal experiences about letting go, I asked, “But do we really wipe those instances from our memory, Nitasha?” Some words of wisdom rolled off her tongue so naturally that I found myself listening closely to her.

“The inner world is so simple and yet so complicated, Mom. You will always remember the story because that is stored in your memory as an experience. What letting go really means is that we work on detaching our self from the emotion attached to the story. I also think the stories that are most emotionally charged are the ones that cross our mind repetitively. And, Mom, there’s always a person attached to those stories—someone who triggers us to look deeper within and clear the negative space, so we can make room for something positive instead.”

One of my favorite parts of parenting is this process of teach-and-learn that we play with our kids. I find myself learning more and more from my children as they get older. I listen more deeply to what they are learning from their life experiences and self-reflections. In their young years, I dedicated time and energy to offering a different perspective on their outbursts and tantrums. I beckoned, yanked, and sometimes challenged them to open up their minds and activate their awareness so they could become more conscious and use their high mind, their sky mind, to detangle emotional knots that were holding them down. Now I am in awe of the wisdom in the day-to-day stuff that flows so naturally through them. And I’m grateful that I’m spending more time at the receiving end.

After my conversation with Nitasha, I took a personal inventory of my own emotionally charged, repetitive stories. I closed my eyes and allowed the faces that challenge and trigger my emotions to come to the forefront. Yes, we all have some of those residing in our internal landscape. I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to set some intentions, and this will top my list.

I have many big plans and visions for good things that I want to do while I’m on planet earth. To anchor those, I could certainly use the internal space gained by letting go of some of the negative stuff I’m holding on to. I hope you’ll join me. It’s always nice to have company on the “do good” life missions!

Wishing all of you a year of letting go. A year filled with lots of free internal space to raise your kids to be happy, think positive, and do good.