On Forest Meditation

Posted on April 26, 2021

On a recent trip to Big Sur, we got to explore the forest. Its majesty and vastness reminded me very much of life itself—mystic, ever-evolving, and colorful. At times on my long morning walks, I could hear myself breathing, and I could feel my feet gently treading the uneven landscape. This reminded me of my “good” days—ones where I feel balanced and charged with an “I got this!” attitude. Then there were times when I would hear the sounds of some creature, and I would get jumpy and fearful—very much like in real life, when we get hit with the unknown and the unexpected. In spite of this, we move from one day to the next, just as I was taking one step after another in my walk, sometimes trudging through muddy puddles and sometimes walking through the sunshine.

“Deep in the forest I stroll to hear the wisdom of my own soul,” says Angie Weiland-Crosby, author, artist, and nature lover. In this week’s Mindfulness Meditation Monday, I invite you to join me in an open-eyed meditation so we can tune into the voice and wisdom of our own souls as we walk through a forest, exploring and observing the outside while noting its effects on the inside, in our body and mind. This is a wonderful mindfulness practice to lean into as we navigate our day-to-day life—a practice that can cultivate equanimity, discernment, and joy. Getting familiar with these frequencies in our body helps us return to them when we traverse the unknown and unexpected daily challenges. 

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