On Emotional Legacies

Posted on March 26, 2021

On Emotional Legacies

One small emotion, and here we go … again! The mind starts to create story after story, moving from the past to the future, rehearsing, venting, screaming. The body first responds by trembling, feeling flushed, with sweaty armpits, shaky hands, and a raised voice that eventually leading to neckache, stomachache, headache—you know the drill of this drama that starts with one emotion. Then we blame the other—the parent, the sibling, the partner, the friend, or boss, or peer. Oh, my! Did I forget the first and most obvious target? Our children!

We entered this earth gifted with the natural ability to feel tons and tons of emotions, ones that help us thrive alongside those that threaten our survival. We naturally know how to contain, express, and share our “good” emotions but are clueless on how to manage our threatening emotions—the ones that take us down and dismantle our relationships and connection to ourselves and our environment. The saddest part is that we learned how not to manage our emotions when we were young and influenced by our parents and adults who took care of us; they learned it from parents. Emotional mismanagement is a legacy that we inherit!

I invite you to be the game changers, the avant-garde, the radicals—the new influencers for your children, your families, friends, and peers. But most of all, for the one Thich Nat Hahn alludes to in the opening quote, for your inner wounded child, who is waiting for you to teach it how to manage stored pain so that it can be released, making space for new love and openness.

This Mindfulness Meditation Monday, we will learn together and practice a new mindfulness tool that will support you on your journey of emotional management and building mental wealth. With stress, anxiety, and mental health on the rise—especially for our children—it becomes not just important but mandatory for us to be the pioneering influencers. It is our social responsibility, and we owe this to our children. It is time to renew the emotional legacy that we pass on to the next generation.

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