On Choice

Posted on June 14, 2021

On Choice

Happy Mindfulness Meditation Monday!

It’s true that our choices define us and our experiences. Life IS all about choices. Some online articles even claim that each person makes more than 35,000 choices per day! I’m not so sure about that number but we can all agree that we make hundreds of choices per day— from turning the sound off on our mobile devices when we are pinged in the middle of a meeting to not picking our nose when we are stuck in traffic. (After all, we wouldn’t want the person in the next car to see us, would we?)

Our choices affect us, our children and our families. Choices can be impulsive, subconscious, intellectual, or emotional. And then there are those important choices that take us deeper inwards — like entertaining a job offer or stepping away from a loved one or responding to a flirtation that questions our commitment to our partners. Where do those come from? How does our body participate in choice making? How can we tune in and take guidance from our inner compass — our intuition? How can we build confidence in making decisions?

If you’re curious and want to find out, join me tonight at 8 pm for my weekly, 30-minute, Mindfulness Meditation Monday session. Together we will explore choices and other life-affecting questions in both perspective and in practice!

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