MMM How to Train a Wild Elephant — Week 7

Posted on September 27, 2021

Last Wednesday my nephew, who was visiting from London, stopped to visit during breakfast. My kids, Nitasha and Navin, were going to stop by on their way to work as well. That morning I was barely done with my shower when everyone showed up. I still had to dry my hair and get dressed. I’d been excited at the prospect of the visits the night before, but as I was hurrying to dry my hair, my thoughts seemed to shout at me:


“I need to hurry up.

“I need a minute.

“There’s no quiet time in my life.”


CRASH!!! As I rushed to put my hair dryer away, I knocked over a glass that was sitting by the sink. Shards everywhere! “Really! This had to happen now?” the voice in my mind got louder. As I stood there looking at the mess, within 30 seconds all the kids were standing before me! One ran to bring a broom, one grabbed the vacuum, and the third grabbed a rag to dry the water that had spilled everywhere. I just stood there observing the scene. How did they even hear this all the way downstairs?


 “Move away, Ma. We got this,” said one of the kids. (I’m not even sure which one.) After a few minutes, while I watched the mess being magically cleaned up, I “looked up” at the ceiling, and my mind went quiet. My eyes teared up, and my heart was full of gratitude and appreciation. I had entered the present moment with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what was. That’s the classic definition of mindfulness! You see, as part of my Mindfulness Meditation Monday sessions, “Look Up!” was a mindfulness practice that was assigned last week in the sixth session of my How to Train a Wild Elephant  practice group. 

This is why I’m dedicated to learning and facilitating the practice of mindfulness. It shows up in what might seem like the “little stuff” of life, highlighting the importance of bringing our awareness to the present moment. This does not happen magically, of course! It happens when we believe in, commit to, and practice mindfulness in daily activities. But once our mind—this wild jumpy elephant—practices enough, the magic happens on its own.


In reflection, this turn that my mind’s voice took by simply looking up brought me calm, peace, and true appreciation for the blessings I have in my children—all adults now. It is this relationship, which is first and foremost anchored in kindness, empathy, and compassion, that fills our hearts as parents. Truly, nothing else matters! 


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Together, every Monday, we learn a little about mindfulness, practice a little guided meditation, and take away a practice for the week to build our mindfulness muscle. The side effect is a more peaceful and calmer life, leading to peaceful and calm relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.


Can’t wait to see you all. A big warm welcome to our new members who attended the parent forum presentation that I gave at the Hart Union High School District! Our mindfulness tribe grows!


Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Roma Khetarpal