Mindful Teacher Training – Now Online!

Posted on October 29, 2019

I’m so excited! Last week I hosted my very first online training: I led The Mindful Teacher Training, Level 1, Teach to Reach at Swarthmore Friends Nursery School. This school is on the campus of beautiful Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and there were 15 teachers who reach 150 children. I have every reason to feel fulfilled and joy-filled.

I’m teary eyed when I think of the importance of such training. If we, as adults taking care of children—parents, teachers, recess staff, or whoever—take responsibility for being mindful, emotionally intelligent, conscious, and aware of how we show up, we perform the greatest service to those children. Author (and presidential candidate) Marianne Williamson says, “There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.”

This transformation is not difficult; we just don’t know how to go about it. We have never been taught what our inner world, our inner communication landscape, looks like. And this is what I’m so passionate about: Giving parents and adults who care for children simple tools of mindful communication and emotional intelligence that are easy to apply with guaranteed results.

I’m humbled that my programs have had an impact on more than 40,000 children so far. It thrills me that parents and schools public and private are all starting to understand that we cannot raise our children the same way our parents raised us. We can no longer care for children by exercising authority and dictatorship. With emotional intelligence, social emotional learning, and mindfulness at the forefront of life today, we owe it to our kids to give them the positive experiences that will help them thrive in their own families and future relationships.

There are four core components of my Mindfulness Training:

–       Empowerment—the importance of the jobs of teachers, recess staff, bus drivers, and others who care for children.

–       An Understanding of our Inner Communication Landscape—what our inner world looks like and how we can drive our thoughts and emotions to communicate effectively; how our behavior affects our children.

–       Mindfulness Tools—which help bridge gaps in communication and anchor effective communication to create deeper connections with children. The bonus? Fewer incident reports at schools, leading to savings of both time and money for the administration!

–       Application—true-life examples of issues that occur in the classroom and on the playground to help the staff take theoretical tools and concepts and apply them in moments of turmoil.

Swarthmore Friends Nursery School purchased Level 1 of this training—which was prerecorded and hosted on Teachable. The school also purchased the livestream segment for which we used Zoom. I popped in live at the beginning of the session to welcome the teachers and returned at the end for the workshop portion, in which the audience is divided into groups and given playground examples to resolve, along with a Toolbox that highlights the tools that were taught in this training. I love the interactive portion. I get my true satisfaction when teachers have aha moments as they realize that these new tools are both empowering and easily applicable. Among the takeaways of this Mindful Teacher Training is a mini tool badge that can be clipped anywhere or simply be in a teacher’s pocket or bag or on a lanyard, easily accessible while the tools are still in the process of becoming communication habits.

I’m thrilled to announce that before the holidays this training will be available online to any nursery or preschool in the world! The work has just begun, and I’m grateful to contribute to the growth and emotional well-being of our children.

Here are a few testimonials from attendees of previous workshops:

“Roma Khetarpal’s workshop was a wonderful reminder and reinforcement of why I love and value working with children. One of the biggest takeaways from her workshop was creating a balance between thoughts, feelings, and expressions. Her breakdown of Dealing with the Feeling has helped me immensely when it comes to working with children, parents, and peers. Mostly, I enjoyed her message about how the role of a mindful teacher is to help children grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. I believe I have become a better teacher, leader, and friend by taking Roma’s workshop.” — Workshop Attendee

“As a teacher and also a parent, I found the Mindful Teacher Training very informative and effective. Roma opens up a new doorway to reach and connect with your students. She discussed how we can balance our thoughts and feelings and how we can honor a little child and help him grow into a happy, confident, and secure human being.” — Workshop Attendee

“I absolutely love everything about this training. Not only did we need this training to use for the children, but I feel that adults also needed to hear this so they can apply it on a daily basis with everyone.” – Workshop Attendee