The Power of Purposeful Parenting with Kristin Bednarz

Posted on June 28, 2020

I had an exciting time in my interview with Kristin and like my session with Kristin, this conference is packed with perspectives tips, and tools to support you through this challenging time in parenting.

Children are the building blocks of the future. It is our job, as parents, to build our children up to their highest potential. THIS requires is to parent purposefully–by being MINDFUL and CONSCIOUS so that we can raise kids that are connected, confident, and compassionate.

I know this sounds like every parent’s dream but we all know that it is sometimes overwhelming to think about how to achieve this on our own and we could use some help. Well, here it is! Talks and interviews on different issues, in different ways, from different experts–because our children are all different and benefit from different practices! This is exactly why Kristin Bednarz has masterfully curated this informative panel!

Are you ready to break from overwhelm and be empowered to raise connected, confident, and compassionate children? Join me for a FREE online series hosted by Kristin Bednarz titled The Power of Purposeful Parenting!

You will have the opportunity to embark on an amazing journey, gaining powerful insight from an incredible panel of 23 experts to help you become a more confident, calm, and joyful parent! I know you are ready to be empowered as a parent as you learn to connect and understand your children on a much deeper level and nurture their development. This will allow you to intentionally build the foundation for your future thriving children! You only have a 48 hour window to watch each of the speakers so make sure to stay on top of the schedule and look out for my interview starting July 8th!

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