How to Have a “Delicious” Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 20, 2018


I was at my workout class this morning, and as the instructor was warming us up for this intense 45-minute session, she said, “A lot of people ask me at this time of the year how I manage my weight and fitness with the holiday madness? My answer is always the same: Pre-schedule your workouts for the week, and don’t eat every day like it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas. On the day, I personally have a no-holds-barred policy! Nothing stands in the way of my enjoying the deliciousness of the food. I put way too much effort into my Thanksgiving meal to have it any other way!”


That was encouraging, and it all made sense, but after class, I heard someone say that the only thing that would prevent them from enjoying “Thanksgiving deliciousness” would be “family ugliness.”


I shuddered at the thought of that! After all, if we put into our relationships as much effort as we put into the meal, we would either have no holiday ugliness or we would learn to rise above it. Imagine having the deliciousness of family as an accompaniment to the deliciousness of the repast. Why not shift the focus from the turkey on the table to the people around it? Sure, it will take effort and prep (just like the meal), but the effect will stay with you way past the 12 hours that it takes to digest the bird! It will last a lifetime. Most importantly, you’ll teach your children—by example—to make connection the reason to get together at Thanksgiving!


No turkey filling can be more fulfilling than the opportunities for growth that come from family pulls and tugs. There is no tastier accompaniment than the joy one feels when you value and nurture family connections. So along with your delicious turkey, discover the deliciousness of the family you are enjoying it with, and give thanks for the relationships that we were born with and the ones we have assumed along the way.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. We are grateful to have all of you as our TOG family!