Evolve 2019 Conference with Dr. Shefali — Join Me!

Posted on August 20, 2019

“It’s no surprise we fail to tune in to our children’s essence. How can we listen to them, when so many of us barely listen to ourselves? How can we feel their spirit and hear the beat of their heart if we can’t do this in our own life?” 
― Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent


We are all yearning for a deeper connection with our children. Our intentions are always in the right place. We all want to raise our children to thrive—to be confident, resilient, and kind—and we want to be their confidants and best friends. However, how we go about that is by telling them what to do and how to be. We come at it from a head space of what we think is right for them, completely discounting how that might match their personalities, their likes, and their dislikes. From our perspectives as parents, we feel this is the right way because we want them to fit into society as we did—or so we think. This comes off as “authoritarian” and “controlling” to our kids and starts to create communication breakdowns that ignite arguments and conflict with our children.

Dr. Shefali says, “The real challenge of life is to operate from the heart. The head space is full of fear, control and doing. The heart allows us to be clear, intuitive and in flow.” But how can we move from our head space to our heart space when it is unchartered territory for us. We have never been taught this, and most of us are completely unaware of this language! How can we walk into this unknown space ourselves, let alone lead our kids into it.

Five years ago, Dr. Shefali launched her first Evolve Summit. She had no idea how many people would show up. She was led solely by her personal mandate to help parents tap into their own heart space so they could naturally, organically, lead their kids. Her goal was to empower parents, adults, and professionals of all ages and stages to be introduced to and then to uncover their heart space so that they could tap into their highest potential.

I was fortunate to be part of the very first Evolve conference, where through deep perspective, self-reflection, and tangible tools, she guided almost 300 attendees over the course of three days on what the head space is and how it misleads us into conflict after conflict in each of our relationships. And over the last four years, it’s been inspiring and eye-opening to watch the conference grow, as hundreds of global participants gather, disconnecting from the outside world for a few days, to focus on and understand their inner world. I have experienced the joy that comes from people’s transformation, growth, and evolution through the simple guideposts and tools that Dr. Shefali teaches. Through one aha moment after another, I have witnessed hundreds of attendees in tears and laughter—the kind that comes from self-revelations and quantum leaps of inner growth.

Dr. Shefali has a unique voice, unmatched energy, and laser-sharp dedication to raising human consciousness by facilitating evolution and growth—awakening as she refers to it. The theme of this year’s summit is Untethered—Awaken to Who You Are.

I’m excited to once again be part of this conference. I’ll be doing what I love to do—moderating a few panels, asking our guest speakers and Dr. Shefali questions to help facilitate a deeper understanding of our complicated inner worlds, and exploring how evolution put us in the driver’s seat of our own heart space to reach our highest potential—beyond societal boundaries and other’s opinions, free from the desire to fit in.

Please join us. You are guaranteed growth amid a loving tribe that helps us all stay on the path of evolution as we traverse our respective lives and relationships. The guest speaker lineup is so exciting! Kate Northrup, Mashonda Tifrere, Kyle Cease, Shazia Mirza, and my dear friend Suzi Lula will all be there to share their wisdom. Do not miss the Early Bird Special. If you have questions or need support in making your decision or wonder if you can come for just a day or two—whatever you need, message me, and I will personally walk you through to your right decision.

We can’t wait to see you at our #Evolve19 – 5-year anniversary!