Celebrate “Mindful” Pajamas-at-Home Day

Posted on September 3, 2019

On Sunday I actually hung around the house in pajamas until 4 p.m., and I must admit it was exactly the prescription I needed to recover from two busy work weeks. Here are the highlights of my experience:

  • My Sunday morning treat—masala-chai and half a sourdough toast with butter—never tasted better!
  • I felt like there was no-thing to do and nowhere to be.
  • My mind and body were in a state of deep relaxation.
  • I breathed more deeply, and my heart rate was even all day.
  • Feeling lighthearted, I laughed more often and more loudly at silly things.
  • I took a super long shower.
  • I spent an hour experimenting with a new eyeshadow palette that I bought two months ago.
  • Taking the time to pick and chop vegetables for a delicious salad made me feel oh, so good.
  • I ate lunch slowly and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Catching up on the phone with my mom and a dear high school friend made my heart happy.
  • My husband complimented me twice with an “I love when you smile so big.”
  • I devoured two episodes of Mad Men with full attention, without any mobile devices around me.

All of this from 8 to 4. Now that in itself is an amazing treat for the soul!

Yes, I know you’re thinking that it’s easy for me to do this when I do not have any young children—or any children for that matter—at home. But I do have an elderly mum-in-law at home and a financially brilliant yet domestically challenged hubby in the house. I found time to fix their meals and have a lengthy discussion with my mum-in-law about a walker that needs to be replaced for her.

To top it off, I never felt so present among a large group of friends as I did during that evening’s dinner event. And, yes, I truly believe that being in my pajamas paved the way for my state of mind on Sunday!

So all of you parents with children who just went back to school, do take a pajama day to recover from the busyness that accompanies this big transitional undertaking! Better yet, schedule one for your kids or with your kids because they are undoubtedly feeling not only their own pressures over the transition from unscheduled summer holidays to scheduled (and sometimes overscheduled) school routines but also from the busy vibes they feel at home.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about or participated in National Pajamas-at-Work Day on April 16th each year. Let’s start something new together during a time that you need it most!

I hereby declare the Sunday after Labor Day weekend as National “Mindful” Pajamas-at-Home Day! Are you in?