The Perfect Parent is now in Korean!

Posted on January 10, 2019

The “Perfect” Parent is now in Korean!

You never know where things will lead.

I hardly imagined that a book I wrote out of a personal passion would not only benefit parents but would also win a number of awards and become a template for an educational program for school districts. And to have the book available in two other languages…who would have thought?

Last year, as you may remember, The Perfect Parent was translated into Simplified Chinese and became available in online bookstores and brick-and-mortar stores in China. When my publisher sent me my first copy, it felt like I had another child—but in a different country! This is so cool, I thought. I even wrote a post about the need for mindful parenting in the Chinese community.

Then my publisher approached me about Korean rights to my book. At that point, I wasn’t really concerned about the terms of the sale. I was simply fulfilled by knowing that my message was part of a parenting shift in Korea—a country where for centuries “tiger moms” and “eagle dads” have raised children with success and discipline as their only focal points.

If the message in my book can change that outlook in one family and affect one child’s life, I would consider my purpose with Tools Of Growth well served. I know that books like these offer an invitation to step into parenting with equality, equanimity, and affection, and I am excited to be part of this evolution!

Last Saturday I received my first copy of The “Perfect” Parent in Korean, and when I opened the package, it was fulfilling to think, yes, here it is in yet another language. I admit paging through the book was a little surreal, though, since certain areas are highlighted in a rather unusual way. I’m assuming that the highlights are key messages. The toolbox looked the same, however. I guess that, given the speed of parenting life in our global culture, a toolbox is valuable wherever you are. Next week a Korean friend will help me delve into these mysteries a bit more, and I’ll share what we find out.

I want to thank JAYSEOGA Publishing House for its interest in this project and thanks, too, to Kyobo and Yes24 bookstores for carrying and distributing this book.

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I feel that authorship is first and foremost a self-fulfilling commitment. You write because you love the art of it. But when an audience starts to form, and people start to resonate with, follow, implement, and share your message—especially in parenting—a serious sense of responsibility sets in. I am grateful for this responsibility, which each of you who follow and advocate my work has bestowed on me. Thank you all for magnifying the passion that goes into my work and helping spread the message across the globe—all the way to China and Korea!