Talking to Kids About the Las Vegas Shooting

Posted on October 5, 2017

With so much pain from the Las Vegas shooting this week, we are all trying to cope with what happened and our immense grief and fear. Roma sat down with Alex Urbina and Kyle Jellings on KHTS AM-1220 Radio in Santa Clarita to give us some tips to help us discuss this tragedy with our kids, and how to handle it ourselves as well.


Some of the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Be honest: Face this with acceptance. Let kids know that, yes, bad incidents do happen. Open up a discussion.
  • Address what everyone in the family is feeling, and discuss it. Allow time to process this. Do a Dealing with the Feeling (Spot it; say it; okay it.)
  • Make your kids feel safe and secure. They are looking to us for safety. Limit the exposure to the disturbing content.
  • Recognize that events like these come from a complete disconnection from oneself and our innate human values of goodness and oneness.
  • Mindless events like these are caused when we do not understand what our inner world looks like. It’s important to educate children on what being mindful is.
  • Go inward and raise the level of awareness and connection— through meditation or breathing exercises—with ourselves and with those that we interact everyday: our family, peers, community.
  • When something so massively damaging happens, the elevation of human compassion increases tenfold.
  • Reach out and offer your help. Healing is best expressed through acts of connection, kindness, and compassion.

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