Mindful Paraeducators’ Lead to Succeed Program

Posted on October 2, 2018

Last week we were proud to conduct our first-ever mindfulness program for paraeducators in the Saugus Union School District. The 171 attendees who work with special-needs kids learned about mindfulness tools drawn from my award-winning book, The “Perfect” Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect With Your Kids.

What an incredible session it turned out to be! I was inspired by the passion of this group of professionals and deeply touched by their commitment and dedication to the special-needs children under their care. I came to realize through my observations before the program and the comments about their challenges during the workshop that this position demands astute self-management because special-needs kids are in constant flux. Taking on this workshop was one of the most challenging assignments that I have ever had!

I presented to the paraeducators the importance of their role as contributors to these children’s future, brought them a clear understanding of how our interior world works, and gave them hands-on tools of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and consciousness to help manage their emotions. That way they could align their love for the children and passion for their work with their actions, behavior, and demeanor while interacting with kids who might easily push one over the edge— unintentionally, of course! I personally was elated to have the opportunity to serve the 1300 children at SUSD through this group of professionals. The reactions and testimonials of the attendees were truly touching. Do check out the videos and comments that we are sharing at the end of this post.

The innovative Lead to Succeed programs bring science-supported tools of mindful communication and emotional intelligence to schools. The workshops are designed to empower, teach, equip, and support teachers, administrators, recess staff, before/after school staff, bus drivers, and paraeducators, and we do careful data mining in advance to customize each program to a particular school district and group.

More than 40,000 students are already benefitting from these programs throughout several Los Angeles school districts. My goal is to reach ALL our educators with these mindfulness techniques so that together we can raise kids with special needs who thrive.

Here are some pictures and testimonial videos from our first paraeducators’ session!



Paraeducators Testimonials

“I realized I needed much more help than I thought. Thank you so much. This was the best conference I ever attended.” – Workshop Attendee

“Very useful tools and tips to deal with strong emotions and disruptive behaviors while using mindfulness and empathy.” – Workshop Attendee

“I received new hope. Tools to use that will come naturally. Things like breathing to keep my mind, emotions in check to help not just my student but to use at home.” – Workshop Attendee

“Great ideas and research shared to empower me and my co-workers to be a mindful, relational paraeducator.” – Workshop Attendee

“Excellent techniques to implement in class. Made me aware of areas I need to improve. I valued the honesty and humor of the speaker.” – Workshop Attendee