Guess What We Found at Our Big Fat Indian Wedding? – Part 1

Posted on July 11, 2019

My daughter got married last month, and before that happened, I took two months off! The time was not spent sitting by the ocean (my favorite pastime) or soaking in the sun (another fave). I spent the two months helping to make sure the wedding got to the finish line! What started nine months ago—when my new son proposed to my daughter, Nitasha—came to fruition on May 31. That was the wedding day that launched our children’s life of togetherness….

I Love To Watch You Play

Posted on June 7, 2019

So much of parenting revolves around watching your children learn new things. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing that little click in their eyes as they understand a new concept or seeing the joy on their faces as they master a new skill. We encourage them, praise them, coach them, and commiserate with them when they struggle. But with all this praise and encouragement, could we be unintentionally teaching them that they must earn our love? There are lots…

Parenting Styles: Are You Encouraging Growth or Hindering It?

Posted on May 28, 2019

Tyler and Nathan got into trouble at school. Being 14-years old and living in a body of fired hormones, it was bound to happen. Impulsive, impatient and impolite, both boys were imp-ing for trouble! They had it coming! All in one month, together, they had: 1. Hidden Careen’s backpack on the football field. 2. Snuck into the girls’ bathroom and planted a time-released cockroach jar explosion. 3. Reprogrammed the school bell 30 minutes ahead. Surprise! Life catches up with you. They were busted…

Motherly Love – A Healing Journey

Posted on May 12, 2019

It was just 48 hours before my daughter’s bridal shower, and I was unable to walk straight. Severe back pain had brought the madness of wedding prep to a screeching halt. I had been playing Mother of the Bride with patience, dedication, and pride for the last six months, and my daughter and I had literally worked 16 hours a day, juggling our day jobs and wedding planning, to put together a week-long traditional Indian wedding It had been fun…

Back to Work Guilt: 3 Tips to Bounce Back

Posted on April 29, 2019

“I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work part-time so that I could dedicate more time and attention to raising my two beautiful kids. However, I now have to go back to work full time. As the day approaches, I am having such a hard time with this decision and the guilt is now getting the best of me. Help!” This is a common and big dilemma for parents and most of the time, it is unavoidable. The sooner…